The Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association of America (DMIA), established in 1931, is the only organization that brings together and represents the interests of America’s leading diamond and gemstone manufacturers, importers and dealers.

The DMIA membership also encompasses companies and institutions that service the diamond trade, among them banks, forwarders, insurance and security service providers, as well as diamond and gemstone grading laboratories and appraisers.

DMIA-home4Our mission is to promote the highest standards of ethics, integrity and professionalism in the American marketplace. The DMIA stands at the forefront in addressing domestic and global diamond industry issues, acting as a representative for the American diamond industry in close cooperation with other industry organizations, governmental bodies, NGO’s and the end consumer.

The DMIA is dedicated to ensuring, advancing and strengthening consumer confidence in diamonds and diamond jewelry.

DMIA and the world

The world is a global village, and that is certainly true for the diamond industry and trade. Any development in the diamond supply pipeline – both positive and negative – almost immediately affects the diamond manufacturers and importers in our country.

While a good number of our members still manufactures diamonds – mostly large goods – the bulk of our members are importers and dealers. In any case, all of us are dependent on the supply of rough and polished goods to be able to service our downstream clients in the wholesale and retail sectors.

At the same time, the members of DMIA are the gate keepers to the largest diamond consumer market in the world, a market that is increasingly becoming more demanding, not only with regard to the quality of the diamond and the services provided but also when it comes to the provenance of the diamonds and to the ethical standards of our business.

Of course, neither our members nor our downstream clients wish to be associated with diamond originating in conflict areas or with the infringements on human rights at any stage of the diamond supply pipeline. Therefore, the DMIA is a staunch supporter of the Kimberley Process as well as of the Diamond Source Warranty Protocol which was created to bring greater transparency and accountability to the supply chains.

The DMIA is one of the most active members in the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA) (insert link). DMIA president Ronnie VanderLinden currently serves as IDMA President.

DMIA and the government

The Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association (DMIA) often interacts directly with the federal government. Generally, any issues, reputational or legal, that need to be resolved or discussed with the federal government are handled by a coalition of diamond, gem and jewelry industry organizations.

With regard to issues of legal compliance, the DMIA has come to rely on the activities of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC, the sole legal compliance expert in the jewelry industry. JVC is the industry’s leading authority on legal compliance and is a champion of safeguarding the industry’s integrity.

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