Dear Members, Industry Colleagues and Friends,

The United States industry vacation time has arrived! First and foremost, we at IDMA wish all our colleagues on vacation a wonderful time! Safe travels! Europe and Israel, your vacations are next and around the corner!

Thankfully, the IDMA team members who attended the Kimberley Process Intersessional (KPI) in Antwerp, Belgium, are safely back home again. Reports on the KPI will be coming through during the following weeks.

Following up on the De Beers-Rapaport front, Martin Rapaport wrote a rebuttal to the letter sent by De Beers to its client base following Rap’s remarks about De Beers earlier this month during the JCK show. Once again, arrive at your own conclusions.

The next news items featured in IDMA WINC 225 indicate that the major miners are keen to preserve the integrity of the supply pipeline …..and find alternative, disruptive ways to market their diamonds downstream.

Note the news item about GIA receiving a five-carat pink-orange LGD for grading.

I think the acronym LGD, lab-grown diamond, is catching on…

A thought among colleagues: Could colorless LGDs be helpful and serve as inexpensive master color stones, for use in laboratories and also in businesses?

And consequently, could the easy availability of such calibrated master stones not be helpful toward the realization of what has been the ever-elusive international standard of diamond grading? What do laboratories think about that? And what do our members and industry colleagues think about that.

Meanwhile, stay safe and stay tuned!

Ronnie VanderLinden, President