The safeguard of the personal data for the Diamond Manufacturers & Importers of America (hereafter DMIA)  constitutes a primary appointment; for such reason our Web activities are managed on the protection and on the safety of the data.

The present document, denominated “Privacy Policy”, contains information related to the harvest and to the data management related to the members of DMIA.

This Policy can be modified or adjourned in accordance with the characteristics of the services offered by DMIA.

Regarding data protection DMIA declares what follows:

1. Harvest and use of the personal data

We pick up two kinds of information concerned with the profile of our visitors: personal information (name, address, telephone number, address, e-mail,..) voluntarily furnished us by the consumer and additional information (number of visitors that are recorded on our site, pages to which enter, etc.).

The treatment that will be taken on the furnished personal data can include the following activities: harvest, recording, organization, maintenance, elaboration, modification, communication, cancellation and destruction.

The finality of the treatment is to be able to disburse our performances of services and to allow the necessary administrative management over the exercise of activities like:

1.     elaboration of data for inside statistics;

2.     direct marketing;

3.     operational activity for the inside management.

The compilation of forms, or the dispatch of messages through the site involves the consent to the treatment of the furnished personal data and for the mentioned finalities.

Information will be picked up through the various forms of adhesion to DMIA and they will be treated, protected and checked, in the respect of the safety measures, and to prevent the risk of loss or destruction, the risk of access not authorized, the risk of treatment not allowed, or the risk of lesion to the integrity or to the reservation of the data.

There is the possibility that DMIA furnishes the picked data to third subjects, for services of management, maintenance and operation of the web site, for inside demands and for compliance to obligations of law.

2. Safety in the transmission of the data

The DMIA website has put electronics and managerial procedures to safeguard and to assure the safety of the information that the consumer has furnished on line, from loss, improper or wrong use as well as from alteration.

And is important to remember that the personal data are furnished to the site through internet; so they can travel through systems that are not controllable or checked by DMIA and so they could be intercepted by third not authorized.

3. Links expresses

To furnish a complete service DMIA could contain links to other web sites, managed by us, from associations and society to us connect, and not managed also by DMIA.

We are not responsible for the contents and the respect of the privacy policy used by web sites connected with us. We recommend therefore to attentively read the declaration on the privacy of every visited site.

4. The parties’ rights. Accessed your data and claims

Members can get from DMIA the confirmation of the existence of personal data and how they are available on the web site. The user can also ask to know the origin of the data, as well as the finalities on which the treatment is organized.

DMIA use data to maintain the complete files of the consumer, adjourned and exact, allowing the same consumer to easily access his own personal data and to signal possible errors.

We signal the following links to such intention:

•                accessed personal data, revisioning and updating;

•                stop to the further use of personal data.

5. Express consent of the user

The express consent of the party is previously asked to the use of the data from DMIA for different finality from those suitable, and particularly:

•                dispatch of advertising material;

•                dispatch of commercial information;

•                insertion in commercial lists;

•                elaboration of searches of market and statistics;

•                execution of interactive commercial communications.